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About nickname

2017-03-30 07:13:52 by theOneManPerson

 Turns out there was a onemanperson on the web, I'm not him, sorry for the confusion. Just that the name corresponded with me in a unique way.


 Here's the current game and some in-dev game footage.

 In other news, re-up get, can't pay since payments from Turkey are not accepted through paypal.

 Hi, me again, it's that time of the year where i make a post and pray to mystic gods for some feedback from people.

This year we have a new project we're working on, with a few most awesome people around, it's a horror/fantasy/sci-fi hybrid rpg. ( <- here's a link to our post on the website)

 Mean while we're working hard on a demo to show off what we have for you guys, we're also looking for a writer/level designer to support our arguments and a graphic designer to help with the graphics, which i believe will be much better than anything you might have as a reference on this profile down there.


 Feel free to comment, give feedback or ask any questions you may have.

Things are looking up...

2015-10-23 03:11:03 by theOneManPerson

 From now on i'm keeping my blog outside the newgrounds news widget thing; you'll need to visit the homepage, if you really need to know what's up. I know there aren't that many following me do stuff, but it will be there regardless.. And I'm still open for collaborative/collabinative (waaaht!?) requests, if anyone needs any help with graphics and/or coding.

 So, you know, meh...

On top of the topic, i plan on making a video to show how the UI works, in addition, there is more to come, few more acts, multiplayer options, perhaps a ladder, etc.

 If you're one of the people who've seen the initial release of the game, sorry about that, most of the game has been fixed and gotten up and going, and republished as of now. 90% is known to work properly, if you're still missing something feel free to contact me, or you know, write a silly review of how much i suck for actually working so hard on this. Well, enjoy, if it's your thing, busy month, here i come.

 So, if anyone happened to be interested in my work, i'll be blogging on sim-plistic website, and have been for a while now. There's this game i've been working on quite a while, with some multiplay features, hopefully people will enjoy at least as much as i've enjoyed the development.

 If you're too lazy to browse through the profile here's also a link.

Aaaand another game in the works...

2015-06-30 16:55:08 by theOneManPerson

Threshold's new game is in the works, bigger, better this time, with more confidence on this end. Send a message from the website home page if you want to be in the beta once this goes down. Please include your gaming experiences and your favourite games, along with anything you would like to add.

other sources:


As days have been passing by, i feel it's finally time to give a little insight of the few submissions i've posted through the past week. And i'll quote my post right…

"there truly isn't any known origins to these people except that these people's true names are unknown to others, instead they are referred as the babysitter & the baby (shocking, truly.). The babysitter is known for his incredible and seemingly limitless raw strength and for freeing the baby off of the customers' greedy focus from a mall in the center of the city, through a wall, as the babysitter does not bode well with the concept of doors.

The babysitter seem to watch out for others through the timeline, helping those in need, without any apparent motive. He can be considered a true neutral person, meanwhile the baby's alignment or motives are unknown, it seems to actually play an important part in all this, as he does get lost in the worst times possible.

Customers; these women can't escape their hightened greed and lust through the years and have an increased desire to get their hands on any and every thing precious possible. They actually give make it quite a challenge to those who oppose them, with increasing numbers each day.

--These characters are actually being featured in my upcoming game, which i hope to publish soon, hope you enjoyed reading. I actually did a good job explaining the characters--"

 I have been nothing but patient with this work, and i hope to accomplish what i've been hoping for the past year. I will be updating the journal with a road map for the next year of what's more to come, what i plan to achieve and more information of the lore i will be applying to the future games.

Pixel Animations

2015-04-12 03:09:47 by theOneManPerson

Working on animating my pixel sprites, tough times, as i'm using frame by frame method. Any suggestions are welcome; this is something i blurped out in between sessions, not really my best work.

Long nights!

It's fine, really

2015-03-28 22:04:21 by theOneManPerson

The NG TankI got unscouted for submitting half arsed unfinished work, i'll leave them there, i'm actually all for game design anyways, hence my alignment thing flashing to the left of the page.

Anyways, i'll stick to less complicated work, i think.

Also here's the hand-traced NG tank.

And thanks to the guy pointing out the mistake in my website. Would have been embarassing otherwise.


Apparently it was someone else; but i was about to myself, so wth, my statement stands.


2015-03-18 00:59:17 by theOneManPerson



The project is finally finished and published. Yays me... And slaleky...

Anyways... Back to work, zug zug. I have a remake to make.